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Hello and Welcome to my site.

NEW ! If you follow me on Twitter -  @FlamesFun on Periscope I am frequently doing interactive live songs for viewers on guitar, piano, harmonica and drums - join in for requests and fun from anywhere in the world ! 

As a singer/songwriter in Calgary/Alberta I have volunteered playing at a local hospice for patients facing the end of life. 

I am also a Busker for Calgary Transit and the City of Calgary and head out when its a beautiful day to get out and play.


I can be followed on Twitter @FlamesFun and on Facebook


Most recently I have been having a lot of fun with Periscope - as I have been working on percussion I've added some of my new beats in loops there as well as some fave guitar and piano riffs and also on -Vine











Cardel Theatre performance with Allegro Music



Please be sure to view my Bio, and Music/Video Files through the Page Links Above.  I am mainly a songwriter and sing, play guitar and record for exposure for my songs - I enjoy performing very much and playing guitar, keyboards, piano and singing but songwriting is my main focus.

I fortunately live in The City of Calgary which is very active in supporting the Arts and provides opportunities for its residence to share their various talents in the City Core throughout the year -- please support those performance by spending a few minutes watching their craft and a smile, and when possible contributing to their tips to show appreciation and encouragement for the live Arts.

Olympic Plaza - Calgary, Alberta - Downtown





In 2012 I have been one of many Cultural Ambassadors for Calgary 2012 - one of the selected Calgarians identified as being a communicator, connector, instigator and facilitator of arts and cultural in Calgary; an important role as Calgary celebrates the designation of Cultural Capital of Canada.


Thanks to the folks at Calgary 2012 and the Lilac Festival for the opportunity to perform at their Busk Zone during the event.


Christina Johnson at Lilac Festival Calgary 2012


The Calgary 2012 Celebration







Since early 2011 I have been periodically around Downtown Calgary on beautiful days, enjoying coffee, or lunch and then performing a few tunes in the Core or around Olympic Plaza as a City of Calgary Busker.  As of 2014 I also have a "Musician in Motion" ID from Calgary Transit and mostly perform periodically near my CTrain station "Somerset".


What is a Busker in the City of Calgary?

  • Exposure for my original songs and cover performance skills as a vocalist and guitarist. Possibly opening up performance opportunities for guitar, vocal, keyboard events.
  • Great opportunity to be out in our beautiful city getting some exercise and meeting people visiting and from around the world who are visiting our great city.  I especially enjoy it during our Calgary Stampede when we have visitors from all over the world.
  • I have performed on the radio, and on television in past years but need some experience performing in front of an audience - I'm glad if its just one or two people, but the more the merrier!  I do plan to expand my performance opportunities as I develop my live performance style and repertoire.
  • An opportunity to polish and work on my original songs.  I am a member of SOCAN, CCMA and AMIA - professional music associations.


Thank you so much if you have heard me perform or wish to support my work, or acknowledge enjoying hearing my performance.  This is used to recycle into my music and provide more live exposure and take workshops for music health and healing for patients.  Cheers !