Poem – “Anticipated Chinooks” – Christina Johnson @FlamesFun 23-08-2015©


It’s summer! It’s summer, once was the cheer, Playtime for children,

for adults - BBQ and Beer.


In Alberta its’ the season of which we’ve had a tease,

The warm Chinooks of the winter would bring the warm breeze,


In summer it’s true to have 4 seasons in a day,

Now that it’s August we had one not long away.


It’s like the morning coffee, cool water warmed into a brew,

Cool again when left for other things to do.


That’s like any day in Summer, but now chill lurks into the day,

Talk of “a dusting of snow in the mountains” the Forecasters say.


It is only August in Calgary the city of the great Stampede,

The Rodeo is past but I see hints of fall on the leaves.


Even squirrels seem to be hoarding as the light doesn’t last,

As it did when we watched the Hawks take the Cup and to each other pass.


But hockey, and football – for us fans of the game,

It’s coming to the best time of year-as one gets frantic, and the other begins.


Soon It Is fall, children go to school and we think of what else is up,

In Calgary Alberta we look to the ski hills, ice rinks and who’s off to the Grey Cup!

Here is another Original Poem for : #TheEggCupClub ---- Periscope !



A Tip Up to the Egg Cup Christina Johnson @FlamesFun 27/06/2015


I read today, so it must be true, an early silver egg cup from 74 BC was found in the ruins of Pompeii.

It’s the smooth form that encompasses the lower portion of our morning egg, so shapely.

The simple egg itself is a marvel, how it’s delicate yet can prove such strength,

The natural formation of this organic vessel meant for a creature’s life has brought forth delicacies of length.


It’s only in the boiled form we find the egg-cup our chance to provide a suitable pedestal as we eat, Unlimited colours, textures and materials have adored the underneath of shells, some even with feet.

We know of silver ones, but also Porcelain, pottery, wood, plastic, glass and various metals or Bakelite – a Phenolic Resin can make up an egg-cup,

It could be filled with your favourite beverage, a little shot – just a taste for a celebratory tip up.

Mine that I hold before I read and then proceed with my poem is ceramic, glazed, in turquoise and red,

Today I take my egg cup, with a tip up to you all, as these words I wrote of my cup have now been said.


Christina Johnson © 2015 27/06/2015

Here is my Poem for The Egg Cup Club today on Periscope - Be sure you are following Me @FlamesFun on Periscope for my live Broadcasts :)

(In anticipation of the Calgary Stampede 2015)

By Christina Johnson @FlamesFun 24/06/2015

No Hacienda for the Northern Buckaroo

Re-live the tradition of working and riding, of the Cowboys on range and at round-up.

Its way of years and lands constant and past – rolling in at trails end or ride out on a commencement of gallop.

This never changes for horsemen and women over time and travel, since the herds were led, But now the future of horse whisperers seems to entangle in the gap of urban and rural divide ahead.

Plains and valleys had cattle led by vaquiero, Paniolo’s and the Buckeroo - now the Cowboys and Cowgirls assemble on horseback for cattle drives.

Each rode different regions, trails and methods but with livestock and chores in kind.


Rain and Snow can cover the northern plains, many of the Alberta Ranch Hands and guests take their turn soon, The games are a foot, the riding, ropin’ and wrestlin’ with the rural beasts waiting now in June,

Bring them to the Cities Core for Parade, Party and competition in the Greatest Show of the Outdoors The Chuckwagons will Race, Outriders must keep pace, and the bulls and buckers make champs as thousands roar.

Christina Johnson © 2015

Periscope - the App ! oh the Fun !

About a month back I started using the newly acquired App by Twitter - Periscope.  I only watched a few broadcasts before I decided to jump in.

As always I just have to have fun with what I do, I don't fret blemishes and imperfection - just try to connect with others that want to have fun and are engaging with music.  So far, this has been an amazing learning experience for me and much enjoyment for me and the now regular followers I am assembling on my follow list from different parts of the world.

Very much like my other musical pursuits, I may start with a theme, or take requests - often trying songs for the first time just going with the flow.  Sometimes its not bad, or even pretty descent, or a train wreck may be in the making with a good laugh on both ends - for the true jolly makers among us.  For the rest its, thank you for coming move along, move along LOL.

I love trying songs that I have never thought of doing on guitar before, but on Periscope I may even start with an instrument I am working on - a cigarbox guitar and harmonica have become a real treat to do together - with a slide.

Sometimes I'll play along on the drums to a 60's R&B song or sing and play the Beatles on Piano - Periscope has opened up a lot of energy to push forward with music everyday.  Once again I am setting up to do what I know is my best talent, deserving the most focus, songwriting. 

It's been a treat to have moments of conversation along with others with Chris Hadfield, Andy Dick, several news anchors and reporters and actors on Periscope - between my broadcast moments.  It's all new and so much is open and accessible.  I seem to have some regular "Fans" in the UK and Europe with what I am doing, too fun!  I will have to get together with them and whoever else scopes in tonight!

Swipe to the right! Tap for hearts !

Fun Times :)


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