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A Tip Up to the Egg Cup Christina Johnson @FlamesFun 27/06/2015


I read today, so it must be true, an early silver egg cup from 74 BC was found in the ruins of Pompeii.

It’s the smooth form that encompasses the lower portion of our morning egg, so shapely.

The simple egg itself is a marvel, how it’s delicate yet can prove such strength,

The natural formation of this organic vessel meant for a creature’s life has brought forth delicacies of length.


It’s only in the boiled form we find the egg-cup our chance to provide a suitable pedestal as we eat,

Unlimited colours, textures and materials have adored the underneath of shells, some even with feet.

We know of silver ones, but also Porcelain, pottery, wood, plastic, glass and various metals or Bakelite – a Phenolic Resin can make up an egg-cup,

It could be filled with your favourite beverage, a little shot – just a taste for a celebratory tip up.

Mine that I hold before I read and then proceed with my poem is ceramic, glazed, in turquoise and red,

Today I take my egg cup, with a tip up to you all, as these words I wrote of my cup have now been said.


Christina Johnson © 2015 27/06/2015


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