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(In anticipation of the Calgary Stampede 2015)

By Christina Johnson @FlamesFun 24/06/2015

No Hacienda for the Northern Buckaroo

Re-live the tradition of working and riding, of the Cowboys on range and at round-up.

Its way of years and lands constant and past – rolling in at trails end or ride out on a commencement of gallop.

This never changes for horsemen and women over time and travel, since the herds were led, But now the future of horse whisperers seems to entangle in the gap of urban and rural divide ahead.

Plains and valleys had cattle led by vaquiero, Paniolo’s and the Buckeroo - now the Cowboys and Cowgirls assemble on horseback for cattle drives.

Each rode different regions, trails and methods but with livestock and chores in kind.


Rain and Snow can cover the northern plains, many of the Alberta Ranch Hands and guests take their turn soon, The games are a foot, the riding, ropin’ and wrestlin’ with the rural beasts waiting now in June,

Bring them to the Cities Core for Parade, Party and competition in the Greatest Show of the Outdoors The Chuckwagons will Race, Outriders must keep pace, and the bulls and buckers make champs as thousands roar.

Christina Johnson © 2015


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