Poem – “Anticipated Chinooks” – Christina Johnson @FlamesFun 23-08-2015©


It’s summer! It’s summer, once was the cheer, Playtime for children,

for adults - BBQ and Beer.


In Alberta its’ the season of which we’ve had a tease,

The warm Chinooks of the winter would bring the warm breeze,


In summer it’s true to have 4 seasons in a day,

Now that it’s August we had one not long away.


It’s like the morning coffee, cool water warmed into a brew,

Cool again when left for other things to do.


That’s like any day in Summer, but now chill lurks into the day,

Talk of “a dusting of snow in the mountains” the Forecasters say.


It is only August in Calgary the city of the great Stampede,

The Rodeo is past but I see hints of fall on the leaves.


Even squirrels seem to be hoarding as the light doesn’t last,

As it did when we watched the Hawks take the Cup and to each other pass.


But hockey, and football – for us fans of the game,

It’s coming to the best time of year-as one gets frantic, and the other begins.


Soon It Is fall, children go to school and we think of what else is up,

In Calgary Alberta we look to the ski hills, ice rinks and who’s off to the Grey Cup!


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